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Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: We will always uphold honesty, transparency, reliability and consistency in our conduct, actions and dealings.
  • Inclusion: We recognize, respect and accommodate all forms of diversity both within the organization and outside with the people we serve and partners we work with. We will strive to provide an environment and space that encourages the membership, board, staff, citizens and partners to utilize their skills and abilities in transforming society.
  • Justice: We discharge our duties and provide service to society in a fair and equitable manner as guided by our internal policies, the Laws of Kenya and general international standards.
  • Equality: We present and promote equal opportunities to all people irrespective of any form of diversity. Internally we will promote an environment in which all our members, board and staff have equal opportunities to express themselves and develop their talents and potential. We also ensure equality in developing partnerships and providing services to the public.
  • Courage: In making our decisions and discharging our duties we are driven by what is right and in the best interest of society, regardless of the consequences and dangers involved.
  • Excellence: In executing our mandate, we strive to uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional practice.
  • Participation: We are aware that the fight against corruption can only be won by everyone standing up against the vice. As such we actively seek partnerships with other actors including individuals, groups, the Government, non-profit sector, for-profit sector and international bodies with whom we share the vision in the fight against corruption.